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DuraSoak® General Purpose Sorbents start with excess material from our popular shop towels.

We have sorbent pads, sorbent rolls, sorbent split rolls, sorbent socks, sorbent booms, sorbent bilge booms, sorbent pillows, sorbent barrel top pads, sorbent sweeps, industrial sorbent walk-on mats and more. Our flagship TOOLBOX® DuraSoak® has our patented Q-CEL® Technology at it’s core. But on it’s surface, TOOLBOX® DuraSoak® has a meltblown coverstock. The result is the best of both worlds: an absorbent second to none. Our TOOLBOX® EverSoak® is thicker with greater ‘absorption pockets’ than meltblown: the voids between fibers capture the liquid.­ We’ve also got industry standard meltblown polypropylene.

DuraSoak® Oil Only Absorbents are made with cotton fibers.

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