Sellars TOOLBOX® Shop Towels

TOOLBOX® Blue Shop Towels are ideal for use in the shop, garage or home. Blue color helps hide grease and grime better than white towels allowing for longer use before being discarded. Made with 40% post-consumer recycled fibers which meets the

EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines and provides opportunities to earn credits in several LEED-EB (Existing Building) Operations & Maintenance categories. Compare to SCOTT* Shop Towels.

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TOOLBOX® White Rags are perfect for painting, staining, wallpapering, windows and 1000's of other uses both indoors and out. Made with 25% recycled fibers. Compare to SCOTT* Rags-In-A-Box.

One of only two DRC Shop Towel Manufacturers in the World!

*SCOTT is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc

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