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Our patented Big Grip® Refill is a refill for the Big Grip® Dry Towel Dispenser. Once towels in the Big Grip® Dispenser are gone, replace the towels with the Big Grip® Refill instead of purchasing another Big Grip® Dispenser.

The Big Grip® Refill can also act as a standalone dispenser without the need to be stored inside a dispenser. Each roll is packaged in a durable poly wrap along with a peel and reseal label to cover the opening on the top of the roll keeping your towels clean and dry until they are needed.

They are made with 40% post-consumer recycled fibers (based only on the product’s fiber content, which represents a minimum of 85% of the total product weight) and 10% pre-consumer recycled fibers...meeting the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines and providing opportunities to earn credits in several LEED-EB (Existing Building) Operations & Maintenance categories.

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