Toolbox DRC Wipers

TOOLBOX® DRC Towels by Grade

Z300 Light Duty DRC Towels
Ideal for all light-duty general purpose wiping. More absorbent than airlaid wipers at same weight.
Z400 Medium Duty DRC Towels
Our most popular DRC wiper used for medium duty applications. Ideal for general shop or industrial applications.
Z600 Medium Duty DRC Towels
Perfect for medium-duty wet or dry wiping applications. They are extremely absorbent and strong for cleaning performance.
Z700 Heavy Duty DRC Towels
Ideal for most heavy-duty applications and messy fluid applications.

Why Choose DRC?

TOOLBOX® DRC Wipers are cellulose based disposable wipers that have a binder infused in them. The binder is integrated into a grid built into the pulp itself which provides more surface area for the pulp creating a softer and better wipe then airlaid wipers.

Check out the variety of put-ups we offer and different grade wipers for your clean up needs.

DRC vs. Airlaid


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