Sellars, located in Milwaukee, WI, is a leading manufacturer of shop towels, disposable wipers, towel & tissue and absorbents that are made with recycled fibers. Our products can be found in major big box retailers as well as many janitorial/sanitary maintenance, industrial, safety, and specialty distributors in North America and Europe.

We provide world class customer service and sales support, industry leading marketing materials and a nationwide network of warehouses to quickly and cost effectively distribute our products in the quantities our customers really need.


No cost premium for sustainable manufacturing.

Our proprietary and patented technologies enable us to use recycled fibers to manufacture high performance, cost-effective disposable wipers, sorbents and towel and tissue.

No compromise on performance.

Even though our green products are made with recycled fibers, our customers obtain better performance than the competing virgin products.

Industry Leading Innovation

Sellars has 20 US patents with 3 patents pending as well as 33 international patents also with 2 patents pending. We’re the 1st manufacturer of DRC to produce a DRC wiper made with 40% post consumer recycled fibers- meeting the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines.

1 of only 2 manufacturers of DRC towels in the entire world

Sellars is 1 of only 2 manufacturers of DRC towels in the entire world and we proudly make it here in Milwaukee, WI. It is preferred by customers due to its absorbency, durability and unmatched softness on hands and face.
As a company, Sellars is deeply committed to and passionate about the environment, as we have a unique green and sustainable story. Our products are made predominantly with recycled and renewable input materials leaving a smaller ecological footprint than comparable products made with virgin materials
Sellars started in 1985 out of John Sellars' basement and garage in Milwaukee, WI. Through hard work, dedication, tireless innovation, and a commitment to quality the company has grown from a small operation to a fully integrated manufacturer. Those principles are still applied today.