Sellars TOOLBOX® Big Grip® GREENX Shop Towels Dispenser with Wall Mount Bracket Learn More

The Big Grip® Dispenser is water resistant, durable, refillable and it’s got a Big Grip handle so you can carry to any task, anywhere. Now we’ve added a groove to the handle that allows you to slide on a proprietary wall mount bracket.

The dispenser that can be easily carried for remote use and that can also be placed into the wall mount for both local usage and storage.

Big Grip® Dispenser is reusable and once shop towels inside are gone replace multiple times with Refills for the Big Grip® Dispenser.

They are made with 40% post-consumer recycled fibers (based only on the product’s fiber content, which represents a minimum of 85% of the total product weight) and 10% pre-consumer recycled fibers...meeting the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines and providing opportunities to earn credits in several LEED-EB (Existing Building) Operations & Maintenance categories.

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