TOOLBOX Brand WaterWeave Wipers

TOOLBOX® WaterWeave® Series Wipers

Designed to take on the tough challenges, our WaterWeave® wipers offer the same superior performance you’ve come to expect from the TOOLBOX® Brand.

  • WaterWeave hydro-entangled technology provides strength and durability for extended usage
  • Low linting and latex free wiper designed to clean surfaces without leaving particles behind
  • Disposable wipers clean oil, dirt, grime, and solvents, while remaining resistant to harsh chemicals and tears
  • Available in a variety of light to medium duty, and heavy-duty options.

T600 WaterWeave Light/Medium-Duty Wipers

WaterWeave Interfold Pop-Up
Item #: 68200
Jumbo Roll WaterWeave Wipers
Item #: 68300

We are excited to introduce the T600 WaterWeave® Wipers with the same great features as all WaterWeave Series products.

They bring the absorbing power of WaterWave technology to a lighter-weight wiper. They are great for applying solvents, lubricant removal, wiping hands, and removing grease. If efficiency and value top your list of criteria, reach for your TOOLBOX® WaterWeave® T600 Wipers. 

T700 WaterWeave Medium-Duty Wipers

WaterWeave Interfold Pop-Up White
Item #: 78200
WaterWeave Interfold Pop-Up Blue
Item #: 78250
Jumbo Roll WaterWeave Medium-Duty Wipers White
Item #: 78300
Jumbo Roll WaterWeave Medium-Duty Wipers Blue
Item #: 78350

T800 WaterWeave Heavy-Duty Wipers

Jumbo Roll WaterWeave Heavy-Duty Wipers Blue
Item #: 88350
Jumbo Roll WaterWeave Heavy-Duty Wipers Red
Item #: 88360

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