Durasoak DRC sorbents vs. Meltblown

Absorb More. Use Less. Pay Less.


The Durasoak® Difference

Absorbs At Least 2X More Than New Pig*

To absorb 1 gallon of motor oil it takes just 4.5 DuraSoak Light Duty Pads versus 9 New Pig Light Weight Pads.**

Saves 50 Trees Per Truckload Using Recycled Content

DuraSoak Series sorbents contain 60% or more recycled materials, while New Pig sorbents contain only 25% or more. We do this by using recycled content from our excess DRC wipers production.

Absorbs Over 200% More Oil Per Dollar Spent

For every $1 dollar you spend, DuraSoak absorbs 0.98 gallons of motor oil whereas New Pig absorbs only 0.41 gallons. That means, with DuraSoak you get more for what you pay.


DuraSoak Series Absorbents...There's No Comparison.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. Try DuraSoak For Yourself.

*Pig is a registered trademark of New Pendulum Corp. **Results came from an independent lab, SGS Integrated Paper Services.