DRC Wipers

DRC is a cellulose based disposable wiper that provides incredible wet strength, durability, absorbency and
unmatched softness on your hands and face.

DRC Wipers
DRC Wipers
Ordinary Paper Towels
Paper Towels
DRC enhances key
wiper product criteria
vs. ordinary paper:
  • Wet Strength (2x+)
  • Softness (2x)
  • Absorbency (2x)
  • Bulk (2.5x)

Solvent Resistant WaterWeave™
WaterWeave™ is strong enough for
your toughest jobs. They can be
used both wet and dry. Both grades,
T700 & T800, are extremely strong.
They’re also low lint and latex free.

Compare WaterWeave™ to
WYPALL* X70 & X80 wipers.

*WYPALL is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.

Scrim Reinforced Wipers
Scrim is a cellulose based
disposable wiper that typically
has between 1 to 2 layers of
tissue on either side of it to
provide good absorbency
and a nylon “scrim” netting
in the middle of it to provide
superior wet

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