GREENX™ Towels provide opportunities to earn credits in several LEED-EB (Existing Building) Operations & Maintenance Categories


What is the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Rating System?

The LEED 2009 Green Building Rating Systems is a series of voluntary, consensus-based standards that assess the relative environmental performance of buildings. They evaluate environmental performance from a ‘whole building perspective’, and are designed for rating the design, construction, and operations of new and existing commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. Their ultimate goal is to promote high performance, healthy and environmentally sound buildings.

LEED 2009 for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (LEED-EB: O&M) addresses the ongoing operations of existing commercial and institutional buildings through a range of issues such as exterior site maintenance, efficient use of water and energy, the purchase of environmentally preferred products, waste stream management and ongoing indoor environmental quality (IEQ). In addition, LEED-EB: O&M provides guidelines for whole-building cleaning and maintenance, recycling programs and systems upgrades to improve building indoor environmental quality and the use of materials, energy and water. LEED-EB: O&M is intended to address whole building performance, as opposed to that of individual tenant spaces.

How does certification against LEED-EB: O&M work?

Certification to LEED-EB: O&M is based on the number of ‘points’ earned by a building’s operations. In order to qualify, the operations must first satisfy prerequisite criteria (or ‘credits’). Depending on the strengths of the building operations, more flexible points are earned by satisfying additional credits. Both prerequisites and additional credits exist in five categories - Sustainable Sites (SS), Water Efficiency (WE), Energy and Atmosphere (EA), Materials and Resources (MR), Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). There are 100 base points in the certification program, and two additional categories – Innovation in Operations (IO) and Regional Priority (RP) - offer an opportunity to earn an additional 10 bonus points. The number of total points earned determines the level of LEED certification received. The four levels of certification are:

  • Certified 40–49 points
  • Silver 50–59 points
  • Gold 60–79 points
  • Platinum 80 points and above

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How can using Sellars’ GREENX™ Towels help earn LEED-EB: O&M certification?

The use of Sellars’ GREENX™ Towels can help building managers and operators earn certification under the

LEED-EB: O&M Standard. However, it should be recognized that LEED-EB: O&M rates actual building operations, and not products used within the building. While the use of specific products can contribute to earning both prerequisites and additional credits, the rating system has been designed such that rarely can a single product earn points on its own. 

During this process, TerraVeritas:

  • Examined the calculations, supporting data, and standard operating procedures in order to specifically assess the internal logic, conservativeness and accuracy of the calculations; the applicability and veracity of the underlying assumptions and data; and the impact uncertainty in the calculations, data quality and use of the claim;
  • Assessed whether the claim was, in fact, related to materially important areas of environmental impact; and
  • Determined if the language used for the claim met or exceeded the requirements of the Federal Trade Commission’s “Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims”.

Based on the above, TerraVeritas successfully verified the following claim language for the GREENX™ Towels manufactured at their Milwaukee, Wisconsin facility:

Made with 40% post-consumer recycled fiber*

* (based only on the product's fiber content, which represents between 87% and 88.5% of the total product weight)

Information on this page comes from "Final Report Phase 2: Review of LEED Standards" prepared by TerraVeritas Validation Sciences, Inc.

Complete LEED Report prepared by TerraVeritas

GREENX™ Towels provide opportunities to earn credits in several LEED-EB (Existing Buildings) O&M categories.

Materials and Resources: Sustainable Purchasing
(1 point possible)

Indoor Environmental Quality: Green Cleaning
(2 points possible)

Indoor Environmental Quality: Effectiveness and Occupant Satisfaction
(2 points possible)

Innovation in Operations
(3 points possible)