Big Grip® Shop Towels Refill

A cardboard disk is placed at the top of the roll to allow for single sheet dispensing and also keeps the packaging from collapsing as shop towels are removed. Big Grip® Refill has 93% less cardboard than the standard 200ct box of rags.

Our patented Big Grip® Refill Wiper Dispenser is a refill for the Big Grip® Bucket. Once shop towels in the Big Grip® Bucket are gone replace the shop towels with the Big Grip® Refill instead of purchasing another Big Grip® Bucket.

The Big Grip® Refill can also act as a stand alone dispener without the need to be stored inside a bucket. Each shop towel roll is packaged in a water resistant poly wrap along with a peel and reseal label to cover the opening on the top of the roll keeping your shop towels clean and dry until they are needed.

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TOOLBOX® Z400 Big Grip® Refill of Shop Towels
TOOLBOX® Z400 Big Grip® Refill of Shop Towels
Type: Refill
Size: 10" X 12"
Qty: 200 sheets/roll
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How To Purchase Product
- Use as a refill for the Blue Shop Towel Big Grip® Dispenser (item # 55208) or as a stand alone center-pull blue shop towel dispenser

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