GREENX™ Towels Provide Opportunities to Earn Credits in the Following LEED–EB O&M Categories:

Materials and Resources: Sustainable Purchasing

Green  Innovation

MR Prerequisite 1: Sustainable Purchasing Policy:

Projects must have in place an environmentally preferable purchasing policy that, at a minimum, addresses ongoing consumables (those products that are regularly used and replaced through the course of business, such as paper, toner cartridges, batteries and janitorial supplies).

MR Credit 1: Sustainable Purchasing – Ongoing Consumables (1 point):

Projects must implement the Sustainable Purchasing Policy. One point is awarded to projects that achieve sustainable purchases of at least 60% of total purchases (by cost) during the performance period. This credit also defines the criteria for ‘sustainable’ products.

GREENX™ Towels:
By being manufactured with 40% post-consumer recycled fiber (based only on the product’s fiber content,
which represents between 87% and 88.5% of the total product weight), GREENX™ Towels exceed the applicable LEED-EB: O&M definition of ‘sustainable purchases’. The purchase and use of Green Natural Wipers will both directly and indirectly assist building managers and operators meet both the policy prerequisite credit and the sustainable consumables purchasing credit.

Environmental and sustainability issues are receiving more scrutiny than ever before. Building managers and owners want to know how the products they use may impact the environment, and if they can rely on product claims when applying for LEED 2009 certification. In order to be able to confidently report their environmental
achievements, Sellars engaged TerraVeritas Validation Sciences Inc. to validate the post-consumer recycled fiber content claim for the GREENX™ Towels.

Indoor Environmental Quality: Green Cleaning

IEQ Prerequisite 3: Green Cleaning Policy:
Projects must have in place a green cleaning policy for the building and site that, at a minimum, addresses the cleaning procedures and materials used.

IEQ Credit 3.1: Green Cleaning – High Performance Cleaning Program (1 point):
Projects must have in place a green cleaning program that is supported by the Green Cleaning Policy. One requirement of this Program is to use sustainable cleaning materials, products, equipment, janitorial paper products and trash bags.U.S. Green Building Council  Member

IEQ Credit 3.3: Green Cleaning – Purchase of Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials (1 point):
Projects must implement sustainable purchasing for cleaning materials and products, disposable janitorial paper products and trash bags (including items by in-house staff or outsourced service providers. One point is awarded to projects if 30% of the total annual purchases of these products (by cost) meet specified criteria.

GREENX™ Towels:
By meeting the “US EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for Janitorial Paper and Plastic Trash Can
Liners”, GREENX™ Towels meets the LEED-EB: O&M definition of ‘sustainable cleaning products and materials’. Additionally, GREENX™ Towels will both directly and indirectly assist building managers and operators meet the policy prerequisite, the cleaning program, and green cleaning purchasing credits. The TerraVeritas validation process successfully validated that the GREENX™ Towels are “made with 40% post-consumer recycled fiber*
*(based only on the product's fiber content, which represents between 87% and 88.5% of the total product weight)”.

Indoor Environmental Quality: Effectiveness and Occupant Satisfaction

IEQ Credit 2.1: Occupant Comfort – Occupant Survey Cleaning Policy (1 point):
Projects must implement an occupant comfort survey and complaint response system to collect anonymous responses about thermal comfort, acoustics, IAQ, lighting levels, building cleanliness and other occupant comfort issues.

IEQ Credit 3.2: Green Cleaning – Custodial Effectiveness Assessment (1 point):
Projects must conduct an audit according to specified guidelines to determine the appearance level of the facility, and the facility must obtain a specific score in this audit.

GREENX™ Towels:
Use of Sellars’ high quality and more sustainable GREENX™ Towels may contribute to overall better building cleanliness and higher building occupant satisfaction.

Innovation in Operations (IO)

IO Credit 1: Innovation in Operations, Path 2, Exemplary Performance (1-3 points):
Projects can earn points by achieve exemplary performance in prerequisite or credit that allows exemplary
performance. An exemplary performance point may be earned for achieving double the credit requirements
and/or achieving the next incremental percentage threshold of an existing credit in LEED. One point is awarded
for each exemplary performance achieved, and a maximum of 3 points can be earned through this path.

GREENX™ Towels:
By meeting the LEED-EB: O&M definitions of sustainable ongoing consumables and sustainable cleaning
products and materials, GREENX™ Towels contribute to a project earning innovation credits.

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Information on this page comes from "Final Report Phase 2: Review of LEED Standards" prepared by TerraVeritas Validation Sciences, Inc.